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African Juju Hats


Did you read the title to this post and think, “what the heck is a Juju hat?” That’s what I thought when I first saw the name too. I had seen Juju hats around, but had no idea what they were called (or even what they were) until the other day. I always thought they looked cool, but once I found out their backstory, I liked them even more! Juju hats are African […]


Pixel Perfect


Different patterns are always getting popular and fading away (triangles! pineapples!  clouds! dalmatian print!). With the exception of stripes, polka dots, and plaid, which I consider to be classics, most patterns that are trendy right now will probably soon be considered "old news.” But that doesn’t mean that you should stay away from them! It’s fun to play around with new colors, patterns, and trends. If you’re worried that your house may […]


Kantha Quilts


Now that we’re on the topic of bedrooms, I thought I’d share a bedding trend I’ve been loving lately: kantha quilts! These beautiful, bohemian blankets originate from Bangladesh and eastern India. They are made from layer upon layer of old saris and cloth scraps that are stitched together. They’re reversible, which is perfect if you’re indecisive or just plain thrifty (two hands up for me!). And they’re lightweight, which makes […]


Himmeli Decor


Himmeli are traditional Finnish decorations made of straw (from the Swedish word himmel, meaning sky or heaven). They were traditionally used as Christmas decor, but I’ve been seeing lots of cool pieces that would totally work year-round. While some of these are made with straw, a lot of them were made with inventive new materials, like copper tubes or even plastic coffee straws (hello, genius!). What do you think of Himmeli decor?  I love […]

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