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The Elephant In The Room


I got the idea for this post from the elephant lamp in yesterday’s post. I thought it was so adorable, and it got me thinking about elephant decor in general. I’ve actually seen it a lot! Elephants are supposedly a sign of good luck--and they’re totally cute, of course--so why not put an elephant in the room? Whether it’s a whimsical kid’s room or an elegant living room, an elephant […]


Wishbone Chairs


I’ve posted about a few iconic furniture designs in the past (Bentwood chairs, Tolix chairs, Chesterfield sofas, English roll-arm sofas, and Eames molded plastic chairs). As you can tell by the pieces I chose, I LOVE chairs. And today I have yet another chair to share with you: the wishbone chair by Hans Wegner! It’s a very recognizable and beautiful design, and just as fresh and contemporary feeling today as […]


Front Facing Bookshelves


Today I’m sharing another trend inspired by kid’s rooms. I know, two in one week...I’m going to be starting some rumors here! No, Mom--sorry. No news to share in that department. But I think this trend can still apply to those of us who don’t have any kiddos. Front facing bookshelves are a great way to show off your prettiest book covers and use them as decor, whether they’re design […]


Trend to Try: Half Painted Zigzag Walls


Today I wanted to highlight an adorable trend that I’ve been noticing lately: half painted zigzag walls! I’ve mostly seen this used in kid’s rooms so far, but I think it would work just as well in an office, a bedroom, or an accent wall in any room of the house. I think it’s a fun update to the half-painted trend I wrote about back in 2012. And if you […]

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