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Trend to Try: Rugs in the Kitchen


My last kitchen-related post was all about tile, and while it's fun to gather inspiration and dream about my future kitchen...right now, I'm still renting and I can't actually change the flooring. So I decided to write about something I can actually do. This is something that anyone can try, from homeowners to renters. I'm talking rugs in the kitchen! Have you noticed this trend? I've been seeing it a lot […]


Tile Me About It


Let's talk about tile! I've always liked simple white subway tile for kitchen walls, and classic penny tile for bathroom floors. But lately, I've also been noticing lots of graphic, patterned tiles that make a statement...and I love them too! What do you think? Would you (or have you) put patterned tile in your house? Or do you think you'd get sick of it? I especially love patterned tile with […]


Trend to Try: Buffalo Plaid in the Home


Buffalo plaid is always a popular pattern around the holidays, especially in classic red and black. It's perfect for Christmas jammies, oversized flannel shirts, and other Christmas-y items (stockings, tree skirts, wrapping paper, etc.). But lately, I've also been noticing lots of stylish homes that are rocking buffalo plaid, year round. Yes, it's a rustic pattern often associated with lumberjacks...but that doesn't mean it only belongs in log cabins and […]


Crushing on Copper: 10 Beautiful Things To Buy


Yesterday, I shared a bunch of awesome copper DIY projects. But maybe DIY isn’t really your thing. That’s ok! Honestly, the older and busier I get, the more I understand that sometimes it’s worth it to just buy something and save yourself the time...even if it costs a little more (is that a terrible thing for a blogger to admit?). Good news for you--copper has been very trendy lately, so there […]

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