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Windsor Chairs


Over the weekend, I found a cute Windsor chair at Goodwill for $5…so of course, I had to get it (even though I already have too many chairs to fit around the dining table). I admit, I have a chair problem! That’s why I can’t commit to one set of matching dining chairs--I like all my different ones too much. That, and the fact that I’ve never found a good set of […]


Trend to Try: Wooden Pendants


Happy FriYAY! Today I wanted to talk about a cool lighting trend that I’ve been loving: wooden pendants. I think these have actually been around for awhile, but they’ve been catching my eye more often lately. They come in lots of interesting shapes but are still simple and modern, so I could see them working well with many different styles of decor, from Scandinavian to boho to traditional. For today’s […]


Trend to Try: Painting Furniture to Match Your Wall


I came across the first photo last week, and loved the idea of painting a piece of furniture the same color as the I did a little digging and found some additional examples! This is such a simple concept, but yet so chic and fresh. And it's practical too, especially for a small space. Furniture that blends into the wall will keep your room from feeling too cluttered...and hey, […]


Trend to Try: Painted Ceilings


I've written a couple posts on different ideas for painting your walls--but one "wall" I've neglected to talk about so far is the ceiling! It's one of the largest pieces of real estate in every home, and yet it's almost always overlooked as a conscious design choice. Of course, there's nothing wrong with leaving your ceiling white, but that doesn't mean it's the only choice you have. Check out these […]

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