DIY Striped Vase


Did you guys notice this vase in Monday's post? It's a DIY project...and a super easy one at that! I love the striped Omaggio vases by Kähler that you see in so many Scandinavian homes, and I wanted to see if I could create something similar. I'm happy to say, I think this pretty lady fits the bill!

DIY striped vase

For this project, you will need: a plain white vase (I used this one), black electrical tape, and a pair of scissors.

DIY striped vase--made with electrical tape

Wrap a piece of tape around the vase, about a half inch from the bottom, and trim it where the ends meet. Continue wrapping parallel pieces of tape all the way up the vase, leaving a little more space between the strips in the middle. Smooth out any bumps or wrinkles with your finger.

DIY striped vase

That's it! Seriously, such a quick, easy, and rewarding project. You could also try this with colorful electrical tape--I think that would be super cute.

Hope you like this DIY! Let me know if you try it.


3 Easy Ways to Update Your House For Spring


Do you guys decorate seasonally? I know some people go all out for every holiday--with shamrocks and Easter eggs and lots of pastels right about now--but I prefer to do more simple updates every season. Even if you keep your house mostly the same all year long, the transition from winter to spring is one of the best times to make some changes. It feels SO good to shed the heaviness of winter, let in some more light, and make your house feel a little bit fresh and new! But don’t worry--you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of cheesy “spring decor” in order to accomplish that. Here are three easy ways to update your house for spring (and bonus, they’ll also stretch into summer quite nicely).

3 easy ways to update your house for spring

1. Sheer linen drapes. I just got these ones, and I’m in love with how light and breezy they are. It’s hard to tell in my photos, but the weave is sooo beautiful. They’re from Barn & Willow, which is a great brand that you should definitely know about. They work directly with manufacturers, so their prices are amazing without compromising on quality (all their drapes are made from the highest grade of luxurious Belgian linen). You can read more about them here. And if you’re thinking of ordering, you can get up to five swatches for free so you can see the quality for yourself, and pick out just the right color for you!

Sheer Belgian linen drapes from Barn & Willow

Sheer linen drapes for spring

2. Flowers & plants. Flowers and plants are the easiest way to (literally) add life into a room. And they feel especially right for spring! I grabbed this bunch of tulips from Trader Joe’s for $5 and their bright colors instantly cheered up the room. And if you have a bit of a black thumb, I definitely recommend air plants…I’ve been able to keep mine alive for almost a year now, which is HUGE for me.

Tulips for spring

P.S. Those billy balls are from our wedding--they still look just as cute dried, almost five years later!

3 easy ways to update your house for spring

3. New pillows and accessories. One of the easiest ways to update your home is switching out pillow covers and accessories. Pillows are one of my favorite things to decorate with--they’re great for adding a pop of color and making a room feel fresh and new, without having to spend a lot of money. I like to switch out pillow covers seasonally, so I can fold up the covers that I’m not using and store them easily. This pillow is my newest addition, and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. I switched it with a cable knit pillow that I had during the winter. I love the blue color (and cotton feels more right for spring).


3 easy ways to update your house for spring

Barn & Willow Belgian linen drapes and cotton pillow

What are your favorite ways to update your home for spring?

Thank you to Barn & Willow for partnering with me on this post! Keep an eye out for their new 2015 collection, which will include more sheers, pinstripe patterns, and 100% linen and cotton printed pillows and throws from Tanzania and Lithuania. 


10 Instagram Accounts to Follow


I've never really participated in #FollowFriday before, but today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Instagram accounts to get inspired by! I purposely picked ladies that have under 20k followers, so hopefully you'll discover some new (to you) gems. And I'd love to know...who are your favorite IGers to follow? Tell me in the comments so I can check them out!

1. @homeyohmy: Amy comes up with the most genius DIYs and has great style all around (black and white and gold forever!). Oh, and she's a total sweetheart--and hilarious too.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow // Homeyohmy

2. @thecraftedlife: I love Rachel's bright and beautiful 'grams. She can turn the most basic things into a work of art! She often shows sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes of projects she's working on, which is always fun...and I love her colorful style!

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow // The Crafted Life

3. @hellolidy: Lidy's home is absolutely gorrrrgeous, with that Scandinavian vibe that I've been really into lately. She has amazing taste, comes up with awesome DIYs, and has the cutest kids too.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow // Hello Lidy

4. @allieseidel: Allie is a fellow Seattle blogger who I found through Instagram and have actually met in real life (which I never do!). She is so creative and sweet, and her feed is absolutely beautiful. She also co-founded an Instagram hashtag that I love, #petitejoys--all about appreciating the little things in life.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow // Allie Seidel

5. @pineapplesandcoffeecups: I recently started following Adriana and I LOVE her style. Her 'grams are always bursting with happy color, and she's totally hilarious (and a fellow emoji-addict). Plus, donuts!

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

6. @clairezinnecker: Claire is one of my favorite interior designers to follow. Her style is totally approachable, fun, and inspiring--plus she herself is gorgeous and always wears the best outfits, too.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow // Claire Zinnecker

7. @almostmakesperfect: Molly is a total GENIUS when it comes to DIY projects, and her style is really beautiful and restrained. I like it a lot. She always comes across as really down-to-earth, relatable, and funny...all the more reason you should follow her!

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow // Almost Makes Perfect

8. @splendid_rags: Leslie's IG is such a vibrant, happy, and colorful place. She does such a great job of taking photos that are artsy and full of personality, and she's also a super nice and positive person all around. Plus, I really want her closet!! She has amazing style.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow // Splendid Rags

9. @theproperblog: I've been following Lexy for awhile, and she's definitely one of my favorite IGers. Her style is so bright and cheery, and (I feel like I've already said this about several people, but it's true) she's also super funny and her 'grams always make me smile!

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow // The Proper Blog

10. @athomeinlove - That's me! I couldn't resist putting myself on this list, because obviously I want you to follow me so we can be IG friends as well as blog friends! I usually post a mix of blog-related stuff that I'm working on and my "real life."

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

So, happy Friday!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend..and don't forget to tell me your favorite Instagram accounts to follow (including your own!).


Spring Wish List


Sorry for all the silence over has been busy, busy, busy! This past weekend, Ben and I went on a mini-vacay and I didn't touch my laptop all weekend long. It was awesome...but of course, now the house is a huge mess and I feel like I'm way behind on the week. I'll be honest, sometimes I feel like my plate is way too full, and I wonder if I should let go of the blog and just live a "normal" life where I can take a weekend off, stress-free. But I don't want to give up this blog! In fact, whenever I skip a few days, I always miss blogging, which is a sign to me that it's something worth keeping up. So anyways...that's where I'm at. Besides being super busy and a little overwhelmed, I've also been itching to get some new things for spring. The weather changing always triggers that urge to shop! How are you all doing??? Tell me about your wish lists, both the stuff you can actually buy and the stuff you can't. Because while I do really want everything on this list, let's be real wish list has more to do with life goals than it does with dresses and shoes.

Spring Wish List

1. A floral phone case: I still like my current phone case, but I'm feeling like I want another option to switch it up with. I love how this one is partially transparent, so you can still see the phone itself (and of course, anything Rifle Paper Co. does is on point).
2. The cutest white lace dress: I was looking for a dress to wear to Ben's sister's wedding in April when I stumbled across this beauty. Obviously, I can't wear it to the wedding (white lace?! that would be bad)...but I still kind of want it. I feel like this would be perfect for our Europe trip!
3. New sandals: Every summer I wear my sandals to death, so I definitely need a new pair this year. These ones would go with lots of different outfits!
4. A watermelon bag: Umm, TOTES ADORBS, right? Plus, it's a cooler so it's pretty much perfect for summer.
5. A cute striped tee: I can't decide if I like this color better or the ivory/navy version. Maybe I need both! It looks like the perfect tee.
6. Slip-on sneakers: I've been loving shoes without laces lately, and these sneakers are sooo cute. I kind of want the leopard ones too.
7. Another cute dress: This one, I could actually wear to the wedding...and I feel like it's versatile enough to wear to work or on the weekends, and in any season. Should I get it?
8. Bright Bazaar book: Last but not least, I've been meaning to get this book for awhile. I saw it in a store the other day and flipped through a few looks GOOD! I definitely need to add it to my collection.

That's my list! I know, there's not a lot of "home" things on there (basically none, unless you count the book). But don't worry, I have more home inspiration and projects coming atcha soon!

What would you get from this list, if you were me?

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