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This post is sponsored by HelloFresh. All opinions are 100% my own.

When Ian was born, the company I worked for gave us a gift card for a meal delivery service, and it was honestly my favorite "welcome baby" gift that we received. It was such a lifesaver for those first few months when going to the grocery store seemed like a daunting task, and I didn't have the energy for meal planning and elaborate cooking. With a second baby on the way, I've been wanting to try out another meal delivery service, so when HelloFresh reached out to me I couldn't say yes fast enough. Our box arrived the week we got our first snowfall here in Spokane, so I was also thrilled that I didn't have to drive to the grocery store on snowy roads. Perfect timing all around!

HelloFresh review

I enjoy the process of cooking and I like trying out new recipes and new ingredients when I have time. But I hate meal planning, and it stresses me out to make something new when I'm in a rush (which is pretty much every weeknight). So I rarely ever try new recipes, and instead I revert back to our go-to quick & easy meals...over and over again. That was my favorite part of HelloFresh: all the meal planning was done for me, and I got to try out some new recipes in a really fun and easy way!


There are three basic plans to choose from: vegetarian, classic, and family. We went with the classic plan, and all the meals we got were delicious, flavorful, and super approachable. As for portions, you can either get enough for 2 people or 4 people. Since we're a family of three--and I'm eating for two!--we chose the 4 person plan. Each meal was plenty of food for all of us, and I even had a little left over for lunch the next day. However, I think the portions would be a little light for 4 adults, like if we were having another couple over for dinner. When I cook on my own, I like to make a lot of food so we can eat the leftovers for multiple days (and so I don't have to worry about cooking every night). So I kind of wished that I could have had more left over, but I guess that's a good sign that we enjoyed it so much and we wanted more!


My little helper

My other favorite thing about HelloFresh was that all the meals were really quick to make (each one took under 40 minutes, including prep--which I could do ahead of time if I wanted to). And they each had elements that Ian could help with (like adding tomatoes to the salad), which was fun for him.

Crispy Chicken Milanese from HelloFresh

I'm always looking for more weeknight meal ideas, and several of these recipes are ones that I would make again on my own in the future. The one I took photos of (Crispy Chicken Milanese) was my favorite. Yummy, healthy, and pretty enough for company too! Mine turned out pretty similar to the photo on the recipe card, which I consider a good sign that anyone can do it. :)

HelloFresh review

All in all, the delivery was really convenient, the recipes were easy to follow, and the food was delicious--so I would definitely use HelloFresh again. The biggest deterrent for me is the cost...the 4 person plan is $119.88/week for three meals, which is more than I would spend if I went grocery shopping for the same amount of food. However, when the new baby comes I think it would be 100% worth it to have everything come to my door so I don't have to deal with grocery shopping and meal planning. After all, the alternative would probably be eating out or getting pizza a lot, which is even more expensive (and less healthy)! So I'm not signing up for regular HelloFresh boxes quite yet, but I'm definitely keeping them in mind for busy times of life.

Have you ever tried HelloFresh? If it sounds like something you'd be interested in, get $30 off your first box with the promo code ATHOME30. Let me know what you think!

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