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Now that we've been living at my parents house for a few months, we're itching to take a weekend getaway somewhere...and we're super excited to start exploring the area around us! It's fun to have some new possibilities for quick vacation spots that are within a few hours' drive. We've been throwing out lots of different ideas, so I finally decided to write them all down and do some research. Sometimes, if we're torn between a few options, finding a dreamy vacation rental can be the deciding factor. One of my favorite places to look is HomeAway--they're the world's leading online vacation rental marketplace with more than 2 million unique places to stay. And I found some preetttttyyyy cool ones that I would LOVE to stay at. Some of these are obviously way more expensive than we'd spend for just the two of us, but they'd be perfect to split with a bunch of friends (or family).

Unique vacation rental in Lake Chelan, WA

1. Lake Chelan: I love this chic modern farmhouse, and if we split it with friends we could stay there for less than we'd pay for a hotel. That's my favorite thing about vacation rentals--you can usually get a place that's way more cool, for way less money than it would cost at a boutique hotel. Plus when you and your friends have babies, it's a big plus to have a shared living space to hang out in once the kids are sleeping!

Na-Mu Lodge in Leavenworth, WA

2. Leavenworth, WA: I've seen this place on Instagram, and have wanted to visit ever since. It's beautifully decorated and has amazing views and a hot tub! We'd definitely need to split the cost with some friends, but it's about halfway between Seattle and Spokane so it could be a perfect excuse to meet up with people from the west side.

Homeaway in Nelson, BC

3. Nelson, BC: We've heard good things about the town of Nelson, BC, and this historic brick loft looks like the perfect home base to explore the area from! Except, I just saw it says no children under maybe we'll file this one away for an anniversary trip or something...

Gorgeous Whitefish, MT vacation rental (near Glacier National Park)

4. Glacier National Park: We're super excited to be less than 5 hours away from Glacier National Park, and it's definitely on our list to visit, soon. Most of the vacation rentals there are a little too lodge-y for my taste, but this one is gorgeous and modern, yet still fitting for the location!

Boyer House - vacation rental in Walla Walla

5. Walla Walla, WA: Here's another one that we would definitely have to split with friends. But how cool would it be to stay in this classic 1909 mansion?!? I mean, just scroll through the photos. It's beautiful and stately and impeccably decorated. I'd feel so fancy staying there.

Bozeman, MT vacation rental from HomeAway

6. Bozeman, MT: Last but not least (actually, it is the least--literally!), this loft in Bozeman would be great for a weekend getaway with just our family. We really loved Bozeman when we were coming through Montana on our road trip, and would love to go back and explore a bit more!

Have you ever planned a vacation around a super awesome place to stay? Which of these would you be most excited about?

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