Sao Paulo Apartment Tour: Paula Passini


I love sharing photos of places that inspire me--and I think it's even more fun when they are homes from different countries. It's so interesting to see how other cultures decorate! For example (although I'm probably generalizing way too much), Scandinavian homes are usually more spare and modern, with lots of white, black, and natural woods, while British homes are usually cozier, with more florals, lace, and vintage details. On […]


Happy Friday!


Yesterday was the perfect Seattle day. High 80’s, sunshine, and the most beautiful sunset ever. When it’s that nice in Seattle, you don’t sit inside and write a blog post. You go for a run at the beach, then take a cold shower and head back outside for a walk with your husband, popsicles in hand. And that’s exactly what I did! Photo via Best Friends For Frosting I’m hoping […]

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