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Our Southern Trip Photos - Part Two


Happy Friday!! Today I'm sharing the second half of the photos from my Southern road trip. Looking through these makes me wish we were still on vacation (I miss it!!)...but at least the weekend is within grasp. I'll take what I can get! In case you haven't heard me gushing about it yet, Charleston is my new favorite city in the whole wide world. It's so charming! There's a law […]


Our Southern Trip Photos - Part One


I've got the photos from our Southern road trip uploaded and ready to share! I realized while I was going through them that there a lot of fun places I didn't take any pictures of...and others that I have so many from. I tend to feel awkward pulling out a big camera while eating dinner at a restaurant or browsing a cute shop, plus sometimes I think that can take […]


October Instagrams


As you could have probably predicted, my October Instagrams are basically all from my recent trip! Ben and I spent the last three weeks exploring the South by car. It was really wonderful. We saw mountains, beaches, swamps, and caves. We ate fried chicken, fried okra, fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, fried zucchini, and just about every other fried thing you can imagine. We saw a bear, deer, dolphins, alligators, […]


5 Favorite Things to Do in Atlanta


My name is Anna, and I run the lifestyle blog In Honor of Design. I am thankful to Aileen for having me and thought it would be fun to share a few favorite things to do from my city of Atlanta. Trust me, its worth a visit ;) Each year we are here in Atlanta, we try to make it a point to explore a new place. We live in the big and […]

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