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Houses and Windows of Europe


I hope you guys liked all my trip recaps! I still have a ton of photos that I didn’t include in those posts, so I put together a round up of my favorite houses and windows for Bali Blinds. I’m always getting distracted and taking photos of random buildings while I’m on vacation (much to Ben’s delight, of course)--so I had quite a lot to choose from! Head over to their […]


Trip Recap: France


Alright you guys, I finally finished my last trip recap: France. I can’t believe it's been over a month since we got back! We stayed in four very different places in France and drove between them all, so we got to experience a good mix of city and country, mountains and beaches, etc. It was amazing. I know a lot of people would never want to rent a car and drive […]


Trip Recap: Italy


I mentioned in my Iceland recap that I had no expectations of it going in, so everything was a surprise to me. Italy was exciting in the opposite way. I’ve dreamed of visiting Italy for years, so it was surreal to be there in person and experience so many places that I’d researched and seen pictures of! This is the part of the trip that I was looking forward to […]


Trip Recap: Iceland


Hope you’re ready for some pictures of our trip! It took me forever to narrow down our photos, and this post is still pretty long--consider yourself warned. I've split my trip recap into three posts, starting with the first country we visited: Iceland. This place absolutely blew me AWAY. I didn’t have too many expectations for Iceland, since Ben did most of the planning for this portion of the trip (it was […]

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