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Babymoon Planning: Vancouver Island & Victoria


We have less than a month until our babymoon! I'm super excited to take a week off from work, spend some quality time with Ben, and give ourselves a break from all the baby preparations to just enjoy ourselves. We decided on Victoria, BC as our main destination, but also added on a couple nights on the coast of Vancouver Island. I'm super excited for both places! Neither Ben or […]


A Spontaneous Weekend Getaway


Last weekend, the weather was beautiful and we didn't have any plans, open houses that looked interesting, or projects to work on (miracle of miracles!). So Saturday morning after waking up, we spontaneously decided to head to San Juan Island for a weekend getaway. Why not?! We made ferry reservations, booked a hotel room (the last one available at our favorite hotel in Friday Harbor) and packed a bag in […]


Cama Beach Mini-Vacation


Almost exactly a year ago, we went on a weekend getaway with some friends to Camano Island, and stayed in these darling cabins on Cama Beach. We had so much fun, we decided to do it again this year...and again, it was a blast! It might seem weird to do a beach vacation in the winter, but the cabins are heated and we have a good time sitting inside and […]


10 Quick Trips in the PNW


Ben and I have been starting to talk about possible 2016 vacation destinations! I’m kinda hoping to do another big one this year, but we’ve also been making a list of quick trips around the PNW. There are a lot of beautiful places here in our neck of the woods, some that are more well-known and others that are more hidden gems. This list is by no means all-inclusive, but […]

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