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We're Moving!


If you've been wondering why my posts have slowed down (again) recently...where's why: we're moving! We're checking off #1 on my 2017 goals and moving across the state to Spokane, WA, the city where I grew up. When I left for college 10 years ago, I honestly didn't expect to move back. But a lot of things happened last year that caused me to open my heart to the idea (the […]


Orcas Island + Washington State Road Trip Ideas


Yesterday was Ben's first day at work after three glorious months off. Although I was sad, I think we did a great job of utilizing his paternity leave to the max! We visited our grandparents on both sides, saw all of our siblings (including the ones that live out of state), spent good time with our parents and friends, played lots of games, went on a really long cross-country road […]


Trip Recap: Road Trip to Texas


Alright, I finally took some time to cull through the photos from our big road trip! It was a bit of a daunting task as we had 1,650 photos overall (!!!). I'm sure we would have taken lots of Ian pictures no matter what, and of course, there were some similar shots...but still. If the number of pictures is any indication of how good the vacation was, ours was reeeaaal […]


Road Tripping...with a Baby!


Ben has been on paternity leave for the last couple weeks, and I have to's absolutely amazing. We have never ever had three months off together, so we decided to take advantage of this time to go on a vacation! We thought we'd regret it if we missed the opportunity to travel. So starting on Monday, we are heading out on a five week road trip...with a baby. What, […]

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