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And We’re Off!


Today’s the day!!! We are heading to Iceland, Italy, and France for three weeks and I am SO EXCITED. I don’t have any guest posts lined up so it’s going to be quiet around here until I get back…but if you miss me, I’m pretty sure I’ll be flooding Instagram with photos, so you can always follow along there (@athomeinlove)! I’ll be back in mid-October! Can’t wait to tell you […]


Backpacking Adventure: Tuck and Robin


I mentioned in this post that I recently went on a backpacking trip with my husband and a couple of our friends…and it was amazing. It was only the third backpacking trip I’ve ever been on, and for sure the hardest, with the most spectacular destination. I wasn’t particularly excited about some aspects of the trip beforehand (going to the bathroom outside, with no toilet?! ewww) but in the end, […]


Hotel Henriette


We just finished booking all of the accommodations for our Europe trip (woohoo!). I’m super excited to move on to the fun part--planning our itineraries. But first, I wanted to share this darling hotel I came across when I was researching places to stay in Paris. It’s actually fairly affordable too! We aren’t staying there (we booked an Airbnb instead) but in case any of you are traveling to Paris […]


Getting Through the Post-Holiday Blues


This part of winter is always the hardest to get through. The holidays are over, it’s rainy and cold out, and we still have a ways to go until spring. My tendency is to want to curl up inside and watch TV every night, because it’s easy and comfortable and warm…but like I mentioned in this post, I’m really trying to spend my time in more valuable ways this year. […]

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