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10 Punny Prints: Frida Clements


I recently came across artist Frida Clements through an article on Country Living. Being a huge fan of cheesy puns and plays on words, I was instantly smitten with her clever, LOL-worthy prints. These are 100% my kind of humor! Cherry on top, Frida is also from Seattle. Can you tell? I think these prints definitely have a little bit of a Northwest feel to them. Seagulls, blackberry jam, and […]


Easy DIY: Wood Round Artwork


I have a project for you guys today that's so easy, it's almost silly to call it a DIY! I got the idea for this when I saw this quote on Pinterest: "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." I love this quote--it's a great reminder that success doesn't happen overnight, and all the little things we do every day are adding up to something […]


Olivia Rae James


Since we're in the middle of planning our trip to the South, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight an inspiring creative from the city I'm most excited to see--Charleston! Olivia Rae James is a super talented photographer who does work for Kinfolk, Matchbook Magazine, and The Glitter Guide, to name a few. Her images take me to a dream land where I live in a white farmhouse with […]

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