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May Instagrams


Before we get too far into June, I wanted to share a round up of some of my Instagrams from May! It was such a fun month--warmer weather, my birthday, and a couple vacations (woohoo!). I've noticed that my blog is often quieter when I'm extra busy in my "real life", so even though I kind of slacked on blog posts this month, I actually posted a lot of 'grams. […]


26: Birthdays and Candy


It's my birthday today--I'm turning 26! It's not a milestone year like 30 or anything, but birthdays always make me reflect a little on the year that's passed, and what I'm hoping for in the year to come. Ben and I haven't had any major changes over the last couple years: we're still living in the same place, working similar jobs, etc. All that continuity has made the last few […]


Choose Done Over Perfect


Happy Tuesday! Today, I want to share with you this print that I recently got. I love it, both because of the gorgeous lettering and because of the sentiment it expresses: "choose done over perfect." This is such a freeing thought! I see so many quotes these days that encourage us to pursue our dreams, aim high, and never settle. But sometimes, those quotes can be more stressful than they are inspiring--they […]


April Instagrams


Last month, I challenged myself to post at least one Instagram a day. And I realized, taking photos (even if they're just on your phone) is a lot like any other exercise...the more you do it, the more you enjoy it and want to do it! It's the same way for me with DIYs and blog posts. Sometimes I feel like my creative juices are all dried up, but once I […]

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