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One Little Word: Present


A couple weeks ago, I shared a big list of my goals for this year, which felt right but also a little overwhelming. A few of you suggested to me (both online and off) that I should try the "one little word" thing, where you pick one word to focus on as a guiding principle throughout the year. I've been hearing about this trend a lot, and it seems to really […]




Last weekend, Ben and I went to Cama Beach with some friends of ours and stayed at this tiny, adorable cabin right on the water. It was the perfect little mini-vacation! I realized that if we really want to try and travel more this year (resolution #10!), then these mini-vacations are the way to go. Because realistically, we don’t have enough money or enough time off from work to go […]


2015 Goals & The Whole Balancing Thing


I've been seeing posts on a lot of my favorite blogs with their goals and plans for 2015, and I've been mulling over what I want to post. But I'm still kind of struggling with my resolutions since...well, I have so many goals and a lot of them are conflicting! Career goals, blog goals, personal goals...I'm not quite sure yet how they'll all fit together, or which ones I'll have […]


Happy New Year!


Gah, you guyyysss. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the first day of 2015! This year has seriously flown by. But it’s been a good one…lots of fun stuff here on At Home in Love, new jobs for both Ben and I, and we got two (adorable) new nieces this year. As good as this year has been, I have a feeling next year is going to be even […]

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