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Our Bedroom Sconces


In yesterday's post, I mentioned that we recently got some wall sconces for our bedroom. Today, I want to show you how they look! I was glad that a couple of you said #3 was your favorite option, because it’s the one that we chose. My favorite too--you guys have good taste! ;) I had worried a little bit about how the cord would look, since we couldn't actually hardwire the […]


Our New Window Treatments


Our new window treatments are up! If you remember, I shared the fabric swatches and styles that we picked out in this post. Now our new shades are installed, and I’m sharing how they look over on Bali Blinds! Here are the “before” photos of our bedroom and kitchen. Head on over to see the “after” ones. YAY for no more broken, crooked blinds! The ones in our bedroom seriously […]


5 Inexpensive Pick-Me-Ups


Spring is just around the corner, you guys. I can feel it! The cherry trees in our neighborhood are starting to bloom, and it’s still daylight when I got home from work now (amazing!). I’m starting to feel a little lighter and happier, but still. I always struggle in the winter months. So I thought I’d share a few easy and inexpensive pick-me-ups, while I count down the days until […]


A Valentine’s Day Crafternoon


My girlfriends and I have a tradition of getting together for craft days every so often. We take turns hosting it, and it’s a really fun and low-key excuse for us to all get together…and get stuff done at the same time! Everyone brings a project they’re working on, and we all chat and catch up while we’re crafting. A couple weekends ago, it was my turn to host, and […]

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