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You guys! As of today I have been blogging for two whole years--whoa. See my very first post here (published on October 28th, 2012). If I had my stuff more together, I would have planned an awesome giveaway for you all…but I do not have my stuff together and I literally just realized my blogiversary was coming up yesterday. Sorry, guys!! There is something blogging-related that I had planned to talk about, though. It’s […]


Minted Gallery Wall + Giveaway


As I hinted in this post, Ben and I recently redid our gallery wall (see what it looked like before here). We added a lot of art from Minted, along with some of our favorite pieces that we already had--like the cardboard deer head and my DIY Washington state artwork. I really love how the gallery wall looks now. I always had the urge to fiddle with it before, because it […]


October Wish List


I still have a lot of things I want from last month’s wish list…it was a big one, after all. The main thing is the bed. I wanted to get it last month, but Ben convinced me to wait. So this month, we should be able to get it (yaaay)! Besides that, here are some other things I’d love to get. We’ll see how many I can actually afford. Fingers crossed […]


Life Lately, According To My Phone


As you may have noticed (or maybe not!), I haven’t been posting quite as regularly the last few weeks. Not to sound like a broken record, but life has been pretty busy lately. I still want blogging to be FUN, so I decided that when I feel too tired to write a blog post, I’m just going to go to bed instead of staying up late and stressing about it. […]

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