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Road Tripping...with a Baby!


Ben has been on paternity leave for the last couple weeks, and I have to's absolutely amazing. We have never ever had three months off together, so we decided to take advantage of this time to go on a vacation! We thought we'd regret it if we missed the opportunity to travel. So starting on Monday, we are heading out on a five week road trip...with a baby. What, […]


Embracing Slow Living (Or At Least, Trying To)


The other day, Ben and I were looking through our baby pictures, trying to decide who Ian most resembles...which led to a fun afternoon of looking through a bunch of old photos from our childhoods and the early days of our relationship. One thing we were both struck by is how much simpler life used to be...not just way back when we were little kids, but even a few years ago […]


Ian's Nature Themed Nursery


I'm super excited to share Ian's nursery with you all today! I was looking back at the inspiration board that I posted back in April, and I think we stayed pretty true to it. We partnered with for most of the big items, choosing classic, neutral pieces that will last for many years and future kids. Then we brought in color and whimsy with toys, textiles and art. We wanted Ian's […]


Home Sweet Home


Last Thursday, after 34 days in the NICU, Ian finally got to come home! YAY!!! I will always be grateful to the doctors and nurses who took care of him there, but man, I was SO ready to get out--I basically spent the entire month of July inside a hospital. And it has been so wonderfully sweet having him home at last! No more wires and tubes, no more saying […]

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