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Holiday Cards


Ben and I have actually never done holiday cards together. I guess I always thought that we’d start sending them once we had kids. But when Allie from Allie Way Design offered to hook me up with one of her pretty designs, I thought “why not?!” My friend Corlana of Lana Jenae Photography took some photos for us, and I got the cards printed at Mpix. I think they turned out super cute! Now […]


November in Squares


In November, my sister-in-law and I challenged each other to post an Instagram every day of the month...and we both did it! It was kind of tough some days when I totally forgot about it until late at night and had no idea what to post. But looking back, it's fun to see so many pictures from the month. I don't think I'll hold myself to one a day in […]


Bedroom Update


We've been working on our bedroom over the last couple months, and it feels so good to finally give it some love! I have a tendency to put all my energy (and my cutest stuff) into the living room and dining room, since that's what people see when they first walk into our house. But the bedroom is where Ben and I start and end every day, so we finally […]


October, According to My Phone


Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to leave comments on my post last Wednesday! I really enjoyed reading them all and hearing your perspective. And don't worry, just because I took a few days off after publishing that post doesn't mean I'm going to stop blogging :) I just wanted a little time to figure out my "plan" going forward. All the bloggers who left comments said […]

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