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Our Nursery Inspiration Board


It was probably fairly obvious from last Wednesday's post, but we've decided to go the mostly-neutral route for our nursery. Especially since this is our first baby, I want to stick with simple and classic items, so they'll still be "in style" for all our future kids, and will work just as well for a girl. So we're going to start with a nice, neutral backdrop--most of the furniture and […]


Oh, Baby: Gathering Baby Stuff


The first few months of my pregnancy didn't feel very real. We hadn't told many people yet, and I looked and felt about the same. I would forget sometimes, and then suddenly remember "Whoa, I'm pregnant!" Now that I'm almost 25 weeks, it's finally starting to hit me that this is actually happening. I feel the baby kick all the time now, my belly is getting noticeably bigger (I had […]


A Spontaneous Weekend Getaway


Last weekend, the weather was beautiful and we didn't have any plans, open houses that looked interesting, or projects to work on (miracle of miracles!). So Saturday morning after waking up, we spontaneously decided to head to San Juan Island for a weekend getaway. Why not?! We made ferry reservations, booked a hotel room (the last one available at our favorite hotel in Friday Harbor) and packed a bag in […]


New Bedroom Rug


Alternate title: What To Do When You Hate the Carpet in Your Rental. Seriously, our house has the nastiest, most matted down carpet in the bedrooms. We took over the lease from Ben's brother and sister-in-law, and the carpets were already old when they lived here. So I think they're at least six or seven years old, probably more. I've tried to convince our landlord to install faux wood floors […]

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