My Personal Life


Happy Easter Weekend!


Hey guys! I’m taking today off of work to catch up on life. For reals, we’ve had a sink full of dishes, a hamper full of dirty clothes, and another hamper full of clean clothes waiting to be hung up--all week long. Not to mention a very full to-do list of other tasks that need to get done around the house, and yet another (very full) list of projects that […]


Too Many Tabs


I am soooooo relieved it’s Friday. I think I say this every week, but I am exhausted. I have way too many things I’m trying to juggle, and I’m not keeping up with it all very well. I saw this graphic by A Pair of Pears a little while ago and it’s exactly how I’m feeling this week…too many tabs open!!!! I am really hoping to relax and slow down […]


A Bedroom Refresh


Happy first day of April! Over the weekend, I took a few photos of our bedroom to share with you. It’s sloooowly but surely coming along. The newest addition is a pair of awesome emerald colored lamps from Lamps Plus, which I love!! I think they make such a difference in the room (see what it looked like before here). If you can’t afford to totally remodel your whole bedroom, […]


Taking the Day Off (Kind of)


This week, my plate is stacked pretty full with side projects, so I’m taking today off from a blog post. I hope you understand! If you need your blog fix, there's a whole list of blogs that I love right here…I know they’ll have you inspired (and addicted) in no time. And speaking of addicting, I recently made a Wanelo account and I’m totally hooked. Are you on it yet? It's like the ultimate […]

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