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Decorating Resolutions


Every year, I like to set myself some big, overarching goals for the year, as well as some smaller, fun "resolutions" that are easy to accomplish. For example, last year I got my first balayage, signed up for a gym membership, and hosted my first Friendsgiving (among other things). This year, I decided to pick some simple resolutions related to decorating. I chose five specific goals that I'm excited about working […]


Our Guest Room Makeover + $100 Giveaway!


I've always wanted to have a nice guest room for friends and family who come and stay with us, but until now our extra bedroom has been crammed full of "storage" (aka junk). I've tried to work on it a couple times, but it was so overwhelming I just couldn't muster up the energy to continue. After organizing my craft cabinet a couple weeks ago, I decided it was finally […]


Cama Beach Mini-Vacation


Almost exactly a year ago, we went on a weekend getaway with some friends to Camano Island, and stayed in these darling cabins on Cama Beach. We had so much fun, we decided to do it again this year...and again, it was a blast! It might seem weird to do a beach vacation in the winter, but the cabins are heated and we have a good time sitting inside and […]


Craft Room Organization


Warning: these pictures aren't the prettiest. My craft room is fairly small, so it was hard to back up enough to get a good shot. And there's only one small window, so the lighting isn't great. But still, I'm proud of myself for starting to get organized and I wanted to share the proof with you guys--pretty or not! The beginning of a new year is always a good reminder […]

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