My Personal Life


Life Lately, According To My Phone


As you may have noticed (or maybe not!), I haven’t been posting quite as regularly the last few weeks. Not to sound like a broken record, but life has been pretty busy lately. I still want blogging to be FUN, so I decided that when I feel too tired to write a blog post, I’m just going to go to bed instead of staying up late and stressing about it. […]


September Wish List


Ok, yes, I know it’s not September yet. But I’m already thinking of what I want to get with next month’s budget! First things first, our bedroom. I won’t be able to buy everything from the boards that Decorist put together for us, but I do want to get started. I liked the headboard from their first design board, but we’re thinking of doing a full bed frame instead, so we can […]


Decorist Mini-Makeover & Giveaway


Do you guys remember the post I did back in May about a gorgeous bedroom makeover with Decorist? I seriously loved those before and after photos (such a big difference!), so when Decorist offered to let me try out their services myself, I wasted no time in saying “YES!" I’ve been procrastinating/struggling with our bedroom, so that’s the room I picked to get some help with. I just got my two […]


Casual Friday


We made it to Friday! YAY. How was your week?? I started my new job on Monday, so this week has been exciting but also exhausting. In case you’re curious, I’m now a social media specialist at Julep. It’s a new role for me, and there’s a lot to learn--new systems, new processes, and of course, a whole new company. But I’m loving it already! I mean, c’mon, a job where […]

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