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June Instagrams


Hope everyone had a fun long weekend! Crazy to think we're already a week into July, isn't it? Now that June's all wrapped up, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Instagram photos from the month. Peonies... reading at the beach... ...and donuts and coffee (almost every day--whoops). My niece turned one and had the cutest birthday party--including this pretty balloon arch. I went to a peony farm (well, […]


May Instagrams


Before we get too far into June, I wanted to share a round up of some of my Instagrams from May! It was such a fun month--warmer weather, my birthday, and a couple vacations (woohoo!). I've noticed that my blog is often quieter when I'm extra busy in my "real life", so even though I kind of slacked on blog posts this month, I actually posted a lot of 'grams. […]


26: Birthdays and Candy


It's my birthday today--I'm turning 26! It's not a milestone year like 30 or anything, but birthdays always make me reflect a little on the year that's passed, and what I'm hoping for in the year to come. Ben and I haven't had any major changes over the last couple years: we're still living in the same place, working similar jobs, etc. All that continuity has made the last few […]


Choose Done Over Perfect


Happy Tuesday! Today, I want to share with you this print that I recently got. I love it, both because of the gorgeous lettering and because of the sentiment it expresses: "choose done over perfect." This is such a freeing thought! I see so many quotes these days that encourage us to pursue our dreams, aim high, and never settle. But sometimes, those quotes can be more stressful than they are inspiring--they […]

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