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30 Weeks Pregnancy Update


I can't believe I'm already at 30 weeks! Two weeks into the third trimester, woohoo! This pregnancy is going by so much faster than when I was pregnant with Ian (I think it's because I was always thinking about it then, and this time I'm so busy chasing Ian around). I feel kind of bad that I've barely documented my bump or this pregnancy in general, so I thought I'd […]


2018 Goals


I'm not a fan of lofty resolutions...they're kind of like strict diets if you ask me. Short-lived, no real results, and just make you feel guilty. BUT I do like setting goals every year. I try to be realistic and honest with myself, and I've found that the process helps me to narrow down all my random thoughts into some specific things that I want to focus on. Last year, […]


Reflections on 2017


Well, that's it friends! Another year on the books, and what a year it was. Before we move on, I wanted to pause and reflect on 2017, both personally and with regard to this blog. I always strive to be honest with you guys, and while I don't think it's healthy to be introspective all the time, I do like taking time for reflection every now and then. The first […]


Sleep in Heavenly Peace: Casper Mattress Review


This post is written in partnership with Casper. I received the mattress free of charge to facilitate my review. Some links are affiliate links. All opinions are my own. After getting a new guest room mattress and upgrading Ian's crib mattress in the last few months, it's finally OUR turn! We've had the same mattress since we got married seven years ago (back when you'd go to a mattress store […]

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