Inspiring People


A Gorgeous Blue & White Living Room


One of my favorite things to do is look at other people’s homes--on Pinterest and blogs, design books and magazines, Instagram or in real life. Is that creepy? I just think it's so fun to get a peek into where other people live! Especially when their homes are as drop-dead gorgeous as this blue & white living room, which belongs to Erica of Honestly WTF. It's so chic and sophisticated, but at […]


Casual Friday


I really loved this week in blogland. With the start of the new year, so many bloggers wrote thoughtful posts about their personal lives and their plans and dreams for 2015...and I found myself nodding along with them. So many of you are struggling with the same things that I am, and working toward the same goals. It's encouraging and inspiring! I really believe that this is going to be […]


Oh So Punny: Gemma Correll


Over the weekend, I stumbled across the hashtag #SundayPunday on Instagram and promptly lost about an hour scrolling through it and chuckling to myself. I already showed a bunch to Ben, which he greatly enjoyed tolerated. One of my favorites: “dude, that camping trip was in tents.” Ha! But what’s even better than a great pun is when you find one that's adorably illustrated as well as funny. And that holy grail […]


Rachel Ryle


Have you guys ever heard of Rachel Ryle? I came across her yesterday and I got totally sucked in to her Instagram account. I am now officially obsessed with her stop-motion illustrations. They are so cute and SO impressive! I really need to learn how to make stop-motion videos on my phone. Has anyone else tried them before? Is there an app you use? Do you have any tips or […]

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