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9 Instagram Accounts to Follow: My Faves


Happy Friday! I have some awesome Instagram accounts to share with you today. I've done this a couple times, but I've mostly focused on smaller accounts so far. This time, I just want to show you my faves--because who knows, maybe you haven't heard of one of these yet?! In which case, it’s about time you were introduced. You'll probably see a common thread in all of these accounts--bright, fresh […]


9 Seattle Creatives to Follow


A couple weeks ago, I shared 10 of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. It was a fun post to put together, and there are sooo many more awesome accounts that I I thought, maybe I could make this a semi-regular thing? Let me know if you like that idea or not! This week, I’m sharing nine of my faves, but with a twist…all of these girls are from […]


10 Instagram Accounts to Follow


I've never really participated in #FollowFriday before, but today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Instagram accounts to get inspired by! I purposely picked ladies that have under 20k followers, so hopefully you'll discover some new (to you) gems. And I'd love to know...who are your favorite IGers to follow? Tell me in the comments so I can check them out! 1. @homeyohmy: Amy comes up with […]


A Gorgeous Blue & White Living Room


One of my favorite things to do is look at other people’s homes--on Pinterest and blogs, design books and magazines, Instagram or in real life. Is that creepy? I just think it's so fun to get a peek into where other people live! Especially when their homes are as drop-dead gorgeous as this blue & white living room, which belongs to Erica of Honestly WTF. It's so chic and sophisticated, but at […]

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