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Light Up My Life


This post is sponsored by Lamps Plus. All opinions are my own. When we were house hunting, one of my friends advised me to find a house that we could be happy living in as-is. She said, you'll have tons of ideas for projects and home improvements to do, and you may end up doing them all eventually, but for most people renovations aren't a quick process like on TV. […]


Reminiscing on Our Old Place


Truth be told, I don't really miss our old apartment that much (except for its proximity to the beach). By the time we moved, we were sooo ready to be outta there. But I'm on today, talking about some common apartment woes and how to deal with them, and the pictures of our old place are making me feel a little bit nostalgic! I think it's because our current […]


Our House! The Before Pictures


We've owned our house for a little more than a month now, and I'm just getting around to posting pictures of it...FINALLY! I had originally planned to take some before pictures once our new camera arrived--but then some friends of ours needed a place to stay so we moved in a little sooner than planned. And then the house wasn't empty anymore and it was kind of messy (the way […]


Collecting Inspiration, Room by Room


I know I still haven't posted pictures of the house we bought! I'm in the process of trading in my camera, so all I have so far are some dark iPhone photos. We're currently working on painting all the common areas white, which is taking longer (and way more paint) than I thought it would. Lesson learned: if you're going white on top of a dark color...double the amount of […]

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