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Jaymee Srp Spring 2015 Collection


I'm sorry if you still have snow on the ground where you live (like, truly, so sorry)...but this past weekend really felt like spring in Seattle! The sun was out, the birds were chirping, daffodils and tulips were blooming all over our neighborhood, and it was perfect weather for a few spray painting projects, walking to the beach, and leaving the door open to get some fresh air in the house. It […]


Our Bedroom Sconces


In yesterday's post, I mentioned that we recently got some wall sconces for our bedroom. Today, I want to show you how they look! I was glad that a couple of you said #3 was your favorite option, because it’s the one that we chose. My favorite too--you guys have good taste! ;) I had worried a little bit about how the cord would look, since we couldn't actually hardwire the […]


Inspiration: Wall Sconces for Every Room


Until pretty recently, I always thought of wall sconces as something for the bathroom only...but I was so wrong! There are tons of different sconce styles. The great thing about them is that sconces can be mounted anywhere, so you can add light at levels that table lamps can't reach (and in spaces where you don’t have room for anything on the floor). Plus, with swing arm sconces, there's the […]


10 Tips for Color Coded Bookshelves


I absolutely love books, especially decorating & design books. Someone asked me the other day whether I actually read my books, since I can always hop on Pinterest for inspiration nowadays. I'll admit, I do love Pinterest, and I definitely use it more often--especially when I'm searching for a specific idea. But when I just want some inspiration in general, a book cannot be beat! There's something so relaxing and satisfying […]

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