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House Hunting: Good Things Take Time


They say patience is a virtue, but it's certainly not easy. We started house hunting earlier this year, hoping to find a house that we could realistically afford and see ourselves living in for the long haul. We came close a couple of times (with this house in particular), but every house that seemed like a "maybe?!" turned into a "nope, never mind," for various reasons. So for now, it seems, […]


10 IKEA Pieces Worth Getting


Our IKEA is really far away, and Ben is not a big fan of for me to convince him that it's worth the hour+ trek, we gotta have some items on our list that are really worth the trouble. In fact, we haven't been there in three years! So I figured maybe it's time, especially since I've heard good things about a number of their baby items. I browsed […]


Our Nursery Inspiration Board


It was probably fairly obvious from last Wednesday's post, but we've decided to go the mostly-neutral route for our nursery. Especially since this is our first baby, I want to stick with simple and classic items, so they'll still be "in style" for all our future kids, and will work just as well for a girl. So we're going to start with a nice, neutral backdrop--most of the furniture and […]


New Bedroom Rug


Alternate title: What To Do When You Hate the Carpet in Your Rental. Seriously, our house has the nastiest, most matted down carpet in the bedrooms. We took over the lease from Ben's brother and sister-in-law, and the carpets were already old when they lived here. So I think they're at least six or seven years old, probably more. I've tried to convince our landlord to install faux wood floors […]

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