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Oldies But Goodies: Moroccan Wedding Blankets


And just like that, we’re in August! Crazy. Summer is going by way too quickly!!! Yesterday, I shared some photos of my wedding, so today I thought I’d do another wedding-related post…kind of. Moroccan wedding blankets, to be exact! I posted about these back in September 2013 and I still think they’re so dreamy. Expensive, yes. But worth it?? Possibly! There's another Moroccan piece that's on my wishlist--a leather pouf! […]


Oldies But Goodies: Creative Fireplace Ideas


Today I’m sharing a post that I originally titled “What to do with a Non-functioning Fireplace.” I wrote it in April 2013, and I still think all these ideas are amazing! In fact, sometimes I wish our fireplace didn’t function so I could implement one of these ideas in my own home. But of course, it’s summer now. Come winter, I’ll definitely be glad for a working fireplace. Still, if […]


Oldies But Goodies: Exposed Closets


As I mentioned on Friday, I'm taking a little vacation this week! So I thought I'd pull out some of my favorite posts from the archives, that many of you may not have seen before. I've been blogging here for almost two years now (whoa...crazy!), and I had a lot less followers back I'll be sharing some posts from the good ol' days this week. I'll also be adding […]


Spotted: Dalmatian Print


Today I wanted to talk about a trend that I've been "spotting" everywhere...dalmatian print! These black and white spots are both chic and playful at the same time, and they work just as well in glamorous, high-end rooms as they do in casual ones. Best of all, dalmatian print is actually really easy to DIY, using nothing more than a Sharpie--or a stencil and some black paint! See if you […]

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