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Trend to Try: Live Edge Furniture


We have a lot of rustic decor here in know, things that look like they belong in a cabin in the woods. I'm not into that look at all, but there's one thing associated with the rustic style that I have been loving lately: live edges! That's when the natural edge of the wood is incorporated into the design of a piece. I especially love it on tables or […]


A Hand-some Trend


Over the weekend, I had my friend Renae over, and we started talking about how hands are having a moment in decor. So I pulled together a bunch of my favorite examples! What do you think of this hand-some trend? Creepy, cool, or a little bit of both? Once you start noticing them, I bet you’ll be seeing hands all over the place, too! It’s one of those things that […]


Pink Rug Inspiration


Since we all agreed that a rug over carpet is totally a-okay, I'm starting to look for a rug for our bedroom. And I'm! I feel like we could pull it off without the room looking too girly, with the bed being dark blue and all. I'm especially loving pink rugs with a mix of other colors in them--blue, yellow, gray, etc. Here are a few of my favorites, […]


DIY Scandinavian Tree Garland


I've been obsessed with the Scandinavian tree pattern on the pillows from my Artsy Modern giveaway (which you can still enter, by the way)! So I came up with this project. I think these trees are the perfect way to add some winter festivity in a subtle, modern way. You know I’m all about simple, easy seasonal updates... To make this garland, I simply cut the trees shapes out of black […]

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