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Windsor Chairs


Over the weekend, I found a cute Windsor chair at Goodwill for $5…so of course, I had to get it (even though I already have too many chairs to fit around the dining table). I admit, I have a chair problem! That’s why I can’t commit to one set of matching dining chairs--I like all my different ones too much. That, and the fact that I’ve never found a good set of […]


How to Layer Your Bed for Winter


Winter is coming! And it really feels like it--at least in Seattle. The last few days have been cold, rainy, and stormy, with crazy winds that knocked our power out last night (so I wrote this post in the dark by candlelight--how's that for dedication?). With all the weather changes, maybe your summer bedding isn't keeping you warm enough. Or maybe you're just ready for a cozy change. I'm with […]


Statement Art in the Bedroom


Gallery walls have been super popular for the last several years, but statement art is starting to make a comeback! I’ve been noticing lots of rooms lately that feature one piece of large scale art instead of a collection of smaller pieces…and I love it. So when 1st Art Gallery reached out to see if I would review a piece of art from them, it seemed like the perfect opportunity […]


Giveaway: AlwaysMod Table Decor


If you liked the dishes and decor from our Friendsgiving table, then you’re in luck. I’m doing a giveaway today with AlwaysMod, the company where I got everything! I’m seriously obsessed with our new wine glasses, candlesticks, and salad plates (aren’t they gorgeous?!)…and everyone was really impressed with the napkins. They’re the most soft and luxurious single-use napkins that I’ve ever felt--we literally had a five-minute conversation about how no […]

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