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Spotted: Dalmatian Print


Today I wanted to talk about a trend that I've been "spotting" everywhere...dalmatian print! These black and white spots are both chic and playful at the same time, and they work just as well in glamorous, high-end rooms as they do in casual ones. Best of all, dalmatian print is actually really easy to DIY, using nothing more than a Sharpie--or a stencil and some black paint! See if you […]


Crane & Canopy Bedding Picks


I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Mine was jam-packed, with my family in town, a garage sale on Saturday, and lots of errands on Sunday. Plus I got to meet Rachel of The Crafted Life, who was in Seattle for the weekend! Needless to say, it was a fun weekend but not all that relaxing. So today I’m dreaming of sleep…and my bed. Since I can’t actually stay in […]


Pink Sofas


The chances of me actually implementing this trend are pretty slim...but that doesn't mean I can't talk about it, right? Two words: Pink. Sofas. I'm seeing these everywhere and I want one! Pink is my favorite color, after all, and I'm kind of sick of our current sofa. But I know Ben would neeeever go for a pink one, especially since I already have some pink armchairs. So for now, […]


Felt Ball Rugs


Have you seen felt ball rugs yet? They’re pretty much the happiest rugs I’ve ever seen, made of lots of squishy, colorful felt balls strung together. I first heard about them on Decor8 and have been coveting one of my own ever since (Holly actually got one for her son’s nursery, which you can see here). So when Nasia of Felt Ball Rug reached out to me and asked if I’d like […]

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