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Our Nursery Inspiration Board


It was probably fairly obvious from last Wednesday's post, but we've decided to go the mostly-neutral route for our nursery. Especially since this is our first baby, I want to stick with simple and classic items, so they'll still be "in style" for all our future kids, and will work just as well for a girl. So we're going to start with a nice, neutral backdrop--most of the furniture and […]


New Bedroom Rug


Alternate title: What To Do When You Hate the Carpet in Your Rental. Seriously, our house has the nastiest, most matted down carpet in the bedrooms. We took over the lease from Ben's brother and sister-in-law, and the carpets were already old when they lived here. So I think they're at least six or seven years old, probably more. I've tried to convince our landlord to install faux wood floors […]


Trend to Try: Rugs in the Kitchen


My last kitchen-related post was all about tile, and while it's fun to gather inspiration and dream about my future kitchen...right now, I'm still renting and I can't actually change the flooring. So I decided to write about something I can actually do. This is something that anyone can try, from homeowners to renters. I'm talking rugs in the kitchen! Have you noticed this trend? I've been seeing it a lot […]


House Hunting: The Craftsman We Almost Bought


I thought I'd share another house hunting update, because I've always been interested in hearing other people's house hunting stories. The reason I was so absent on the blog last week is because we came this-close to buying a house. Remember the Craftsman I mentioned? Well, we put an offer in on it two weekends ago, and it was accepted! We were super excited because it had so many of […]

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