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Casual Friday


Well, you guys, I'm sooo happy we made it to Friday! Lately, I feel like every week is simultaneously dragging by and going way too fast. Like, I'm really tired so I can't wait for the weekend...but at the same time, I can never make it through my to-do list, so I feel like I need more time in the week. Does that make sense? One of the things I […]


13 Creative Wall Ideas


Did you think that you had to paint your walls in one color from top to bottom? Wrong!!  I mean, you totally can, of course…but you certainly don’t “have to.” There are tons of other things you can do to create a more unique and creative accent wall (or hey, all four walls, if you wish). Some of these ideas are pretty time-intensive, but others are super easy. Like, even […]


Green with Envy: Green Sofas


We just bought a bed last week (yaaaay!), so obviously I should probably cool it in the lusting-after-furniture department. But hey, there's nothing wrong with looking, right??? We probably won't be replacing our sofa for a few more years, but in the meantime I've been crushing on green sofas. Especially emerald green velvet ones. The one thing I'm wondering is, will this be a trend like the black and white […]


Minted Gallery Wall + Giveaway


As I hinted in this post, Ben and I recently redid our gallery wall (see what it looked like before here). We added a lot of art from Minted, along with some of our favorite pieces that we already had--like the cardboard deer head and my DIY Washington state artwork. I really love how the gallery wall looks now. I always had the urge to fiddle with it before, because it […]

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