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Desk Style 101


Hey guys! I just got back from the most amazing backpacking trip (maybe I’ll share some photos here later), and I’m still dreaming of being up in the mountains by clear, blue alpine lakes while baby mountain goats frolic by. <--I’m serious, that’s legitimately what happened. Instead, I have multiple inboxes fulllll of emails, so…not as fun. But I’m still hanging on to that happy and refreshed feeling! While I […]


Trend to Try: Painted Ceilings


I've written a couple posts on different ideas for painting your walls--but one "wall" I've neglected to talk about so far is the ceiling! It's one of the largest pieces of real estate in every home, and yet it's almost always overlooked as a conscious design choice. Of course, there's nothing wrong with leaving your ceiling white, but that doesn't mean it's the only choice you have. Check out these […]


House Tour: Lark & Linen


Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen has been one of my favorite interior designers and bloggers for awhile. I love her classic, feminine, chic-but-approachable style, and I'm really inspired by how she's turned her basic, neutral condo into a space that feels super personal and unique! I've seen bits and pieces of her home here and there, but when I saw the full tour on Glitter Guide last week, I immediately asked Jacquelyn […]


Movie Houses IRL: This is 40


Sometimes, my favorite part of watching a movie is getting a glimpse into the gorgeous house it's set in. Any fellow house lovers with me on this? I’ve often wondered what those dreamy movie houses actually look like, so I was super excited when I came across this blog. It’s full of screenshots from movie houses juxtaposed with the homes in real life (when they're for sale, featured in a magazine, etc). […]

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