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Bedroom Update


We've been working on our bedroom over the last couple months, and it feels so good to finally give it some love! I have a tendency to put all my energy (and my cutest stuff) into the living room and dining room, since that's what people see when they first walk into our house. But the bedroom is where Ben and I start and end every day, so we finally […]


Blankets For My Bed


It's been SO cold lately, and we live on the ground floor in an old house that doesn't keep the heat in very well. So we piled a few extra blankets on our bed this past week. The one we have on top now is nice and warm, but it's also not very cute--it's a puffy tan comforter that Ben had when he was a kid. I know some people […]


Rugs Over Carpet: Yay or Nay?


I want to get your guys' opinion on this decorating faux pas: putting a rug on top of carpet. Is it a "oh hell no, never ever" type of thing, or do you think it can work in certain situations? The reason I ask is, I'm considering putting a rug in our bedroom to add a bit of color and cover up some of the carpet. We rent, so ripping […]


Casual Friday


Well, you guys, I'm sooo happy we made it to Friday! Lately, I feel like every week is simultaneously dragging by and going way too fast. Like, I'm really tired so I can't wait for the weekend...but at the same time, I can never make it through my to-do list, so I feel like I need more time in the week. Does that make sense? One of the things I […]

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