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Deck the Walls with Scandinavian Art


Happy December! I'm excited to show you guys Desenio, one of the best sources for inexpensive and stylish art that I've found. They're a Swedish company that sells beautiful Scandinavian prints, and they just started shipping to the US, Canada, Australia and all throughout Europe. Woohoo! I picked up a darling illustrated map for Ian...and if there was more wall space in his room, I would have definitely gotten more of their […]


Black Friday Shopping + Modernica Giveaway!


Happy Black Friday! After a slice of pie for breakfast (or two), I'll be shopping for deals on the big ticket items I've had on my wish list. I'm not a fan of spending Black Friday at the mall, but I do love me some casual bargain hunting from the comfort of my own home. One thing I'll definitely be checking out is Modernica's Black Friday sale. I heard they'll have […]


10 Creative Ways to Hang Art


I've written several posts about how to create a gallery wall of art (here, here, here, and here to name a few)...but I still love finding new ideas. And since I don't have room in my house to try them all myself, I thought I'd share my favorites ideas here, in case one of you is working on a gallery wall for your home! I'm really hoping someone can put […]


Flowers, Always and Always


Claude Monet apparently once said, "I must have flowers, always and always." I love the idea of having fresh flowers in the house at all times--and often, during the spring and summer, I do. But in late fall and winter it gets harder, as my go-to source (our neighborhood farmer's market) is closed up for the season. So where's a girl to get her flower fix? There's the grocery store, […]

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