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Roasted Pears with Mascarpone


I shared a photo of these roasted pears with mascarpone on Instagram last week, and I promised that I'd give you guys the here we go! This dessert is so easy to make and super delicious. Plus, since it's mainly fruit, I like to think of it as healthy (don't tell me if that's not true...I don't want to hear it!). I always make extra of the granola topping […]


Lulu & Georgia + A Cranberry Drink Recipe


Today, I'm excited to share some fabulous items from Lulu & Georgia with you all. They are one of my absolute favorite places to shop for home decor online! Everything from lamps to furniture to accessories to rugs, they have it. And their selection is goooood. It's all gorgeous and stylish, but at the same time it's quirky and fun. I think that's the best balance--beautiful, but not stuffy. If you ask […]


The Best Apple Pie Recipe


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to share my new favorite apple pie recipe. I just made it for the first time last week, after my sister-in-law told me about it. Then a couple days later, Allrecipes (which is based here in Seattle) delivered pie to a bunch of local businesses--including the company where I work. Guess which pie we got? Yep, this […]


DIY American Flag Berry Kabobs


Happy Fourth of July! I saw these American flag berry kabobs on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and fell in love with the idea…so I decided to give them a try! I know it would have been good to post this tutorial sooner, but I’m a last-minute kind of girl and didn’t get around to making them until last night (sorry!). Hopefully some of you are last-minuters too. If so, you still […]

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