Flowers & Plants


More Air Plants + A Giveaway


One can never have too many air plants, right? I hope you’ll agree with me because…I got more! Lots more. Remember my DIY mini pallets that I mounted on the wall? Well, the air plants I originally bought to keep there have gotten too big for the pallets (yay, they’re growing!). Which means I’ve had empty pallets hanging on the wall for about a month. So when Air Plant Design […]


Happy Friday!


My parents are staying with us this weekend (they came in last night), so I decided not to write a full blog post so we could clean the house and spend time with them. This week has been really crazy…I can hardly believe we had Monday off. It seems so long ago! Ben and I work at the same company, and we moved buildings this week, so it has been […]


The Plant Recipe Book


A few weeks ago, I was asked if I’d like to review The Plant Recipe Book, by Baylor Chapman. As you guys know, I’ve been wanting to get some more plants for my house--and learn how to actually take care of them--so the timing couldn’t have been better! And the book is beeeaautiful. Maybe some of you have read (or own) The Flower Recipe Book. Well, this book is similar, […]


A Simple Summer Table


A couple months ago, Villeroy & Boch reached out to me with the opportunity to use some of their beautiful pieces in a post on summer entertaining. I've never owned nice china (most of our plates are ones I've collected from Ikea, Walmart, and Goodwill)--so I immediately said yes! I've been trying to embrace more colors that I used to shy away from (like orange) so I picked out their Anmut […]

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