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Warm Weather Wish List


There’s something about the changing of the seasons that always makes me want to SHOP! And it reeeeeaaaallly felt like spring in Seattle this weekend. So gorgeous! It’s probably not going to last (I already see rain in the forecast) but boy, did it feel good to have a few days of sun, warm weather, and clear skies. It got me thinking about what I need for spring and summer….and […]


Color Crush: Chartreuse


I’ve been totally obsessed with chartreuse lately. It’s funny, I used to think it was an ugly color, like puke green. But now every time I see something chartreuse, I want it! In case you’ve ever wondered exactly what chartreuse is, it’s 50% green and 50% yellow (named for it’s similarity to a French liqueur called green chartreuse). Just a little pop of it can do wonders for a room or […]


New Leggings + Pictures of My House


I’ve been wanting to get a pair of patterned leggings for a little while now, so when White Plum contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out a pair of theirs, I immediately said yes. And I’m so glad I did! I seriously love my new leggings. They’re so soft and comfy…I could wear them all day, every day. As a matter of fact, I have a few days off of work this […]


Pale Leather


For awhile, I felt like dark colors were everywhere--dark wood floors, dark furniture, dark leather, etc. But lately, I’ve been seeing a resurgence in pale shades. Light wood floors, natural blonde wood frames, and pale, vegetable tanned leather. I’m not really into dark interiors, so I'm really happy about this trend and hope it sticks around! What do you think? Have you noticed this shift as well? I’ve always loved […]

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