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November Wish List: Style Picks


Well, we're more than halfway through November and to be honest, I've already spent most of my fun budget for the month. Dumb...I should have waited for Black Friday. But I still thought I'd put together a wish list! And since I wrote that post yesterday about personal style, I decided to focus this wish list on style picks. A lot of these are more expensive than I'd usually feel […]


Figuring Out My Personal Style


I'm pretty decisive when it comes to decorating--I can usually pick out what I like right away, and I feel like I “know” my style. But when it comes to fashion, I still feel pretty unsure of myself. What is my personal style? I don’t feel like I quite have it pinned down yet. I often like what I see other people wearing on them, but when I try something […]


Gift Idea: Personalized Jewelry


It’s already the second week of November, which means…it's time to start thinking about gifts! If you’re looking for an idea that's unique, beautiful, meaningful, and still reasonably priced, you should check out the shop Centime. They have a bunch of lovely options for delicate, personalized jewelry that would be perfect for a friend, a sister, your mom, or any special woman in your life. I got to review a couple pieces, […]


Cute iPhone 6 Cases


I’ve had my new phone for a couple weeks now, but I’ve put off getting a case for it because I want to get a cute one and a lot of my favorite stores don’t have iPhone 6 cases yet. But I’m kind of a klutz and I’m afraid if I don’t get a case, I’m going to drop my phone and crack the screen! So I did a little […]

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