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Trend to Try: Decorating with Hats


Hats off to whoever started this clever's budget-friendly, functional and beautiful! If you already have a collection of hats, you can easily recreate this look in about ten minutes--just take them out of storage and hang them on your wall as art. To be honest, I don't own very many hats...I've always felt kind of self-conscious wearing them. But lately I've been wanting to get a few, and I […]


Where to Shop for Baby Clothes


When Ian was born, I didn't buy him a single article of clothing. We got a bunch of preemie and newborn clothes as hand-me-downs and gifts from friends, and he was swaddled most of the time at the hospital anyways. But now that he's home and has outgrown his preemie clothes (yay!), I've been doing a little shopping. And let me tell you, shopping for baby clothes is FUN. Way […]


Introducing My Baby Bump + $75 Giveaway


Ok, this post is for those of you that wanted to see THE BUMP! I don't really like having my photo taken, but I'm going to try and overcome my camera shyness for the sake of documenting my pregnancy. After all, this is a special time of life, and I think I'd probably regret not taking photos to look back on. SO, here it is...the baby bump! I'm at 20 […]


Shopping for: Camel Coats


What have you been shopping for lately? I usually have a few things on my wish list that I'm keeping an eye on, waiting for sales and such. Right now, at the top of my list is a good wool coat. I have a bright blue one that's starting to fall apart, but I really need one that's more neutral. I quickly realized that a bold color makes it kind […]

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