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Hey-o! Just popping in real quick to let you guys know I'm selling a bunch of stuff on Instagram under @athomeinloveshop. No idea if any of you will be interested, but I thought it was worth a try! Check it out here and see if anything strikes your fancy! Ok, now I'm heading back out in the sun to enjoy this beautiful Friday off. Hope you're having a good weekend […]


Summer Wish List


I can't believe tomorrow is already July!! Summer is going by way too fast--partially because the weather this year has been so freaking amazing. We normally have a rainy June, but this whole month has been sunny and warm and beeaauuutiful (but shhh, don't tell anyone--it's already too expensive to live in Seattle, we don't need anyone else moving here!). The longest day of the year has come and gone, but […]


5 Great Swimsuits That Aren't Bikinis


I’m back! Sorry for the long break…I’d thought I might squeeze in a few blog posts while I was on vacation, but I ended up just relaxing and enjoying our time off. No work, no blogging, no laundry…it was pretty great, not gonna lie! We spent the first half of last week in Austin, where we stayed with Ben’s grandparents. It was crazy to be there during all the flooding, […]


Cinco de Mayo Nail Art: Bed of Roses


Happy Cinco de Mayo! To be honest, I don't really do much to celebrate this holiday (maybe we'll have tacos for dinner?) but I thought I'd share this cute mani that I got last week at Julep. We have a manicurist who is super good at nail art, so occasionally I get to work with her on fun manis for our social media. It's a pretty fun part of my job, […]

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