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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater


Want to know how to win your next ugly Christmas sweater contest? DIY your sweater PLUS a matching one for a bottle of wine! Because two ugly sweaters are definitely better than one, and you can't go wrong with bringing a bottle of wine to a holiday party. Get the DIY instructions for these on the Kendall-Jackson blog today! You should be able to find a cheap, plain sweater at […]


3 Ways to Wrap an Odd-Shaped Gift


I’m pretty good at crafts in general, so you’d think I’d be a good gift wrapper. But the truth is, I suck. Majorly. Even a normal rectangular box is a challenge for me, so anything odd-shaped drives fear into my heart! Everyone has different holiday stressors, and gift wrap is definitely one of mine. So for my Michaels Makers post this month, I came up with three gift wrapping hacks […]


White Paper Dream Tree


It’s November, which means it’s officially socially acceptable to start talking about Christmas! Right? I actually prefer to keep our house decorated for fall until after Thanksgiving, but this year I’m participating in the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge--so I made an exception. We have a small place and not a lot of room to store seasonal decorations, so I resisted buying a bunch of ornaments. Instead, I had the idea […]


Giveaway: We Are Knitters DIY Kit


I’m so excited to be starting the week with a fun giveaway! We Are Knitters is an international knitting brand based in Madrid, Spain. They sell a variety of DIY knitting kits, which make it super easy for you to pick up knitting for the first time or get started with a new project: you just choose a pattern (you can sort by level of difficulty), pick the colors you want, and they […]

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