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Favorite Baby Products for 3-6 Months


I was sent some of these products to review. All opinions are my own. A few months ago, I posted a list of my favorite baby products for newborns. I still stand by the recommendations on that list, but thought I'd add a few more products we've discovered as Ian has gotten older. He's now almost seven months! We've slowed down on buying baby stuff, so this list won't be […]


Advice for NICU Moms


Tomorrow will be the six month anniversary of the day we brought Ian home from the NICU (read his birth story here)! I can still remember the day so vividly...the excitement, the nervousness, the sheer fear that we were going to mess something up. The day we brought him home will always be significant to me, because it was the first day I felt like he was really ours. I […]


2016 Year in Review


I'm doing things in a backwards order here, I know. I jumped right into my 2017 goals and one little word without doing any sort of wrap-up post for 2016. Whoops!'s my blog so I get to make up the rules, right? I wanted to share this "year in review" photo book I put together to celebrate our 2016 highlights. I used Mixbook and it was so easy! Reminded me […]


Six Months with Ian


December 24th is not only Christmas Eve, it's also the day my little baby will be six months old! I am planning to do a nicely bound baby book when he turns one, but we've already taken so many pictures during these first few months, I thought I should go through and print off some favorites before it gets too overwhelming. So I got a classic, basic photo album and […]

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