Oldies But Goodies: Exposed Closets


As I mentioned on Friday, I'm taking a little vacation this week! So I thought I'd pull out some of my favorite posts from the archives, that many of you may not have seen before. I've been blogging here for almost two years now (whoa...crazy!), and I had a lot less followers back then...so I'll be sharing some posts from the good ol' days this week. I'll also be adding some commentary and updates to them as well, so there's still something new even if you were following me back then. First up, this post I wrote on exposed closets, back on November 5th, 2012. I still think it's totally relevant, and I'm very much still in love with this trend! In fact, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to exposed closets.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from that original post.

And now, a few new ones from my Pinterest board.

Pretty exposed closets // At Home in Love

Branch closet -- would be easy to DIY!

DIY ladder clothing rack

Exposed closets // At Home in Love

Love this idea…an exposed closet made of pipes!

Have any of you implemented this trend in your own homes?

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Black & White Abstract Art


Today’s trend goes really well with the post I did on dalmatian print last week. Although if that one was a little too crazy for you, don't tune out just yet! This idea might be more your style. It’s a bit more chic and simple. And best of all, it's reeeeaaaally easy to DIY. What is it, you ask? Black & white abstract art! Or as I like to think of it, black blobby artwork (if that doesn't sound sophisticated, I don't know what does!). But while this trend looks super fancy and fits right in with designer homes, the artwork itself could totally be done by the least artistic person out there. Or a toddler. Seriously, all you need is a paintbrush and some black paint. You can't really go wrong!

Black & white abstract art // At Home in Love

Black abstract art

Black brushstroke art

Love this room

Art wall

Would you give this trend a try? I'm definitely planning to!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. We're heading to the Mt. Rainier area (here in Washington) for a long weekend with my family. I'm excited to spend some time with them and unwind a little! What are you doing this weekend?

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Cute Fruit: 10 Fruit-Themed DIYs


I posted about the pineapple trend awhile ago (which I'm still seeing everywhere), but this summer I've also been noticing a ton of fruit-themed DIYs, and not just pineapples! Watermelon, kiwis, oranges, and more...cute fruit is taking over the world! I pulled together some of my favorite projects to share with you all. These look so yummy, don't they?!

Cute fruit: Fruit-inspired DIYs

1. Printable fruit garland.

Cantaloupe slice placecards

2. Fruit cutout placecards. I love this. The DIY is supposed to be of the kabobs, but I actually prefer the cantaloupe slices with the cutout letters. So adorable and easy!

Fruit macarons

3. Fruit macarons. Ridiculously cute, am I right?!

Watermelon welcome mat

4. Watermelon welcome mat. YES. See my welcome mat tutorial here, as well.

Printable lemonade toppers

5. Printable lemonade toppers.

Cute fruit cakes & other fruit-themed DIYs

6. Fruit cakes. So much better than fruitcake.

Watermelon piñata

7. Watermelon pinata. Or if you prefer pineapples, there's a pineapple pinata tutorial here.

Adorable…pineapple cake!

8. Pineapple cake. Too cute to eat!!

DIY watermelon picnic basket

9. Watermelon picnic basket.

Citrus coasters (cute!)

10. Citrus coasters.

Are you loving these fruit-themed DIYs as much as I am? Which one would you be most likely to make yourself?

See more awesome DIYs here.


Pinterest Therapy


Last night, I just didn’t have the energy to tackle any of the post ideas I had penciled in for this week. So instead…I got on Pinterest! Do any of you do this when you’ve had a rough day? I swear, Pinterest is the best form of therapy. If I'm feeling stressed or anxious or uninspired, it just calms me down and puts me in a good mood. Haha! But for reals. Look at some of the great stuff I found last night.

Plastic animals bearing gifts…cute!

1. Animals bearing gifts. So cute!! See more ideas for using plastic animals here.

Say yes to new adventures

2. Beautiful quote. Yes, indeed.

Ice cream cone cupcake topper (made with gumdrops!)

3. Adorable ice cream cone cupcake topper, made with gumdrops.

Clever clock

4. Peas & chopsticks clock. So clever!

Gorgeous anemones

5. Gorgeous anemones. One of my favorite flowers.

Heart of balloons…would be awesome at a wedding

6. Heart of balloons. How great would this be as a wedding ceremony backdrop? It would be super cheap, too.

Lovely bedroom

7. Lovely bedroom. And is that a wood bead lampshade?

Disco ball planter

8. Disco ball planter. Fun DIY idea!

Dream house!

9. Dreamy house. See more gorgeous exteriors here.

Pretty dish rack from West Elm

10. And last but not least…a pretty dish rack! I feel like it’s a little weird and very domestic of me to get excited about a dish rack…but if you can get something that does the job and is pretty to boot, why not? This one’s from West Elm and is $39.

What random things have you been inspired by lately?

You can follow me on Pinterest here, if you’d like.

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